Guest Access Walkthrough

With Access Groups, users can now view project information as "guests" without having to be invited to the project.

Rachel Stantiff
8 months agoMarch 26, 2020
I really like this feature! One of the things I think is really important is that you don't have to invite the person to the project but they can still have access to things like time/financial. For example, I am invited to every project so I am able to view all budgets, etc. Now, I don't have to be invited to them in order to view that info.
Frank Z
8 months agoMarch 26, 2020
this is great, makes it a lot easier to work with different parties.
Sree S
8 months agoMarch 26, 2020
very useful feature for managers. They can look at the projects anytime to know the latest information.
Jay P
8 months agoMarch 31, 2020
See the power in the tool for sales rep, but they would still need to see financial data (budget to actuals) and be able to view activity feed
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